2022/2023 Premier League Kit Rankings

2022/2023 Premier League Kit Rankings

The best part of preseason in football isn’t the transfer window, nor is it the litany of friendlies that tend to have the energy of a Sunday league training session, but rather the clubs releasing their kits for the upcoming season.

It puts plenty of pressure on the designers to keep things fresh every season and there are always some hits and misses.

As we do every season (2019, 2020, 2021), we here at Neds have spent hours pouring over the images, debating vigorously over the good, the bad and the stupid to come up with the definitive, ultimate, indisputable Premier League kit rankings for the upcoming season.

So without further ado, here’s what we have come up with.

20 – Chelsea

Under new ownership, Chelsea has gone for a much more conservative design than last year’s eyesore.

Hung up for you to enjoy! 😍 #ItsAChelseaThing | #ThePrideOfLondon

— Chelsea FC (@ChelseaFC) July 7, 2022

This blue ensemble is much more conservative but it’s also nothing special either and that odd collar-less collar design counts against it.

In all fairness to the Blues, this is not the worst kit of the season but they have to come in this low because they only have one out and it’s not great.

19 – Crystal Palace

It’s always tough to crush a club for trying something different, after all, there are only so many designs that someone can come up with…

However in the case of Crystal Palace, they deserve every bit of criticism they receive for these efforts which I can only assume were drawn up on MS Paint, with a mouse.

Behind the scenes 📸#CPFC pic.twitter.com/woCjp8dG7s

— Crystal Palace F.C. (@CPFC) July 11, 2022

Could they not afford a subscription to an actual design suite?

Was this submitted by a relative of James Tomkins on a piece of paper in crayon perhaps?


Introducing our 22/23 away kit 😍#CPFC @MacronSports | @cinchuk | @mukurudotcom

— Crystal Palace F.C. (@CPFC) June 24, 2022

The less said about the away kit the better.

Business mode: JP 🔥#CPFC pic.twitter.com/SMTj4KMi2p

— Crystal Palace F.C. (@CPFC) July 21, 2022

But this is alright for a third kit, as long as we only see it two or three times.

18 – Newcastle

There’s nothing overly special about Newcastle’s efforts this year, there’s nothing actively bad about any of the three kits but there’s nitpicks about all of them.

Starting with the black and white home kit which comes emblazoned with a gigantic blue sponsor’s logo in the middle.

#UnitedAsOne 💪

⚫️⚪️ pic.twitter.com/Xo9Ii5QI5d

— Newcastle United FC (@NUFC) June 8, 2022

They’ve at least returned to their normal black & white stripes but in an era where plenty of companies are adjusting their colour scheme to better blend with the jersey, could they not have done the same here?

Just like they did on the away shirt below?

5′ What a start! 🔥

Saint-Maximin glides past a couple of players before firing the ball into the feet of Ritchie who gives it off to Wilson and the striker does brilliantly to hold off the defender and slot into the corner!

[1-0] #NUFC https://t.co/3gyOqjujkW pic.twitter.com/R6sv8LJMYn

— Newcastle United FC (@NUFC) July 30, 2022

Again, there isn’t anything actively bad about this shirt, but it’s also just not that great either.

Then there’s the third shirt for the Saudi Arabian national team…

Interesting colours… 👀🇸🇦

Newcastle United unveil their new third kit, which looks similar to the Saudi Arabian national team home kit.

The #PremierLeague returns LIVE on #OptusSport from August 6th! 🤩 #PL #NUFC pic.twitter.com/GIXRTFEDop

— Optus Sport (@OptusSport) June 28, 2022

Whatever your feelings on the cashed up group funding the Magpies now, we can all agree that this is hopefully not the start of a new trend where clubs adopt a third shirt in the colours of their owner’s national team.

Especially because we would wind up with half the Premier League running around in American national team jerseys.

17 – West Ham

Retro is not always better.

West Ham’s home kit has been a real hit and miss over the last few years and we’re looking at back to back stinkers from the Irons.

Just because they have had weird shoulder stripes in the past doesn’t mean they need to bring it back just for nostalgia’s sake.

On 🔥 and looking 🔥 @_JarrodBowen

— West Ham United (@WestHam) June 9, 2022

Get rid of those and this is getting graded much higher.

Take a look at this superb away shirt for an example of what it could have been.

🔥 @_JarrodBowen 🔥

— West Ham United (@WestHam) July 7, 2022

It’s clean with just a little bit of detail and an overall good effort.

16 – Leicester

Don’t you need to be good to justify a gold logo on a shirt?

Leicester is going to be in for a rough season with their squad set to see a number of departures and the gold logo just looks out of place.

#CreateIconic 👕

To register your interest in the 2022/23 Leicester City home shirt by adidas, tap below 👇

— Leicester City (@LCFC) June 21, 2022

Otherwise it’s a half decent shirt.

If only we could say that about the away one.

Making a statement 🦊#lcfc // @adidasUK // #CreateIconic pic.twitter.com/DPO09vpvAh

— Leicester City (@LCFC) July 30, 2022

Find a player who is the right shade of pasty and it will look like they have some weird shoulder pads on.

15 – Fulham

The last club to release any sort of detail on their home shirt and this one was worth the wait.

Introducing our 2022/23 @adidasfootball Home Kit. ⚪️⚫️

OWN IT. Available instore and online from today.#FFC

— Fulham Football Club (@FulhamFC) July 29, 2022

It’s another clean, simple effort that won’t win any design awards but is also inoffensive on the eyes.

Which is not the way you would describe this away shirt, which apparently has a been modelled on a brick motif.

All the details. 😍

Including a detailed modern interpretation of the Craven Cottage brickwork panelled across the front of the body. #FFC pic.twitter.com/13vMi4sZY2

— Fulham Football Club (@FulhamFC) July 29, 2022

Considering many teams could be walking over Fulham this season, maybe they should call it a footpath style instead.

14 – Tottenham

Just like Fulham, Spurs have gone for a clean, simple and inoffensive design.

There’s not a lot to hate and we know what we are getting from Tottenham.

📸 Made for N17#DareTogether pic.twitter.com/9HS92mqjQ7

— Tottenham Hotspur (@SpursOfficial) June 9, 2022

On the plus side, this will look good on those Champions League nights when paired with white shorts (even if they will be a pain to wash).

What does not look good is this weird, laser tag style away kit.

A debut for our brand new away kit 😍 pic.twitter.com/6aUOLcBk6O

— Tottenham Hotspur (@SpursOfficial) July 16, 2022

It’s not quite Crystal Palace level bad but it’s not far off.

The only good thing about it is the crest, logo and sponsor being centred on the shirt.

13 – Everton

Everton’s home shirt is not actively good or bad, it’s just another Everton shirt and that’s about all you can really say with any confidence.

The Next Chapter. Up The Toffees! @Everton pic.twitter.com/FKOrVXmGKn

— James Tarkowski (@Tarky19) July 2, 2022

While the subtle pattern on the shirt is cool, are you really going to notice it when they are shipping goal after goal time and time again?

But it is better than the away shirt.

🤙 @alexiwobi 🤙@hummel1923

— Everton (@Everton) July 19, 2022

The base shade of pink is decent, but what’s with the weird pattern?

Actually it’s probably better to leave that question unanswered and move on.

12 – Brighton & Hove Albion

Brighton have earned a few bonus points in the rankings for one of the more creative and nostalgic kit reveals, calling on local DJ and mega fan Fatboy Slim to help them launch this season’s effort.

Our NEW home shirt ft. @FatboySlim! 💙🤍 pic.twitter.com/CWLNpDVYdz

— Brighton & Hove Albion (@OfficialBHAFC) July 21, 2022

And after far more thought than should go into any new kit, I still have no clue what to make of the random yellow stripes throughout the shirt.

They are certainly striking but it’s tough to evaluate if they are good or not.

If you were ever wondering what a Nike designed Brisbane Roar jersey would look like, Brighton have given us an answer.

Moises looking sharp in crimson. ❤️‍🔥 pic.twitter.com/hTkE81wmvo

— Brighton & Hove Albion (@OfficialBHAFC) July 17, 2022

Orange and black and not half bad either.

11 – Bournemouth

It’s the joke that writes itself at this time of year.

Bournemouth have opted for a lightning bolt on their home kit because their stint in the Premier League will be as quick as a flash before being relegated again.

Home kit announced ✅

Who has pre-ordered already? 🤔 pic.twitter.com/fRiecOr1JY

— AFC Bournemouth 🍒 (@afcbournemouth) July 6, 2022

That’s probably a bit harsh, but why did they need to abandon the red and black stripes that worked so well in the past?

On the plus side, the other two kits are some of the better efforts in the away and third strips.

I love the palm trees on the away shirt.

Our 2022/23 away kit has dropped 🌴🔥 pic.twitter.com/bDMgyIfo1C

— AFC Bournemouth 🍒 (@afcbournemouth) July 26, 2022

Not to mention the all black third kit with a tinge of gold is also superb.

𝗘𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆𝗼𝗻𝗲, 𝗧𝗼𝗴𝗲𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿 🤝 pic.twitter.com/s3e4gz3VnQ

— AFC Bournemouth 🍒 (@afcbournemouth) July 12, 2022

Just a shame they probably won’t be around for a secondary effort next season.

10 – Wolves

Just like their actual Premier League team, Wolves can settle into mid-table mediocrity with these kits.

A fresh look for the pack 🐺

Pre-order 👉 https://t.co/iWVhnYhzlF pic.twitter.com/btSJCkkZc2

— Wolves (@Wolves) June 9, 2022

The home shirt is very much a “what you see is what you get” safe choice and this away shirt does look good in the photos.

🇲🇽 @Raul_Jimenez9
🇵🇹 @_nelsonsemedo_

Order yours 👉 https://t.co/BnZYVzU3DI pic.twitter.com/ksXPY21qYs

— Wolves (@Wolves) July 8, 2022

It does come in first in the, “might look good in the promo photos but will actually look rubbish in a match” stakes though.

9 – Nottingham Forest

As they prepare for their first Premier League season in what feels like an eternity, Forest haven’t taken any chances with this red home shirt.

☝️ First goal for @g_biancone 🇫🇷

🌳🔴 #NFFC pic.twitter.com/5SIpEQwB8p

— Nottingham Forest FC (@NFFC) July 8, 2022

Yeah it’s simple and verging on boring but as we have already seen on this list, if you try something wacky, it can backfire in a massive way.

Then there’s the away shirt which is certainly bright and kind of looks like it comes with a weird Christmas themed tattoo sleeve.

No goals in Barnsley as we go in at the break ⏱

🌳🔴 #NFFC pic.twitter.com/HqCB3kOaym

— Nottingham Forest FC (@NFFC) July 16, 2022

You won’t miss them in this one.

8 – Leeds

It’s a good thing Leeds only have released one kit to date, because this is an excellent effort and a subpar away jersey could pull down their overall score.

🤩 Everywhere, we’re going to be there! #LUFC @adidasfootball pic.twitter.com/o9w9f0hJXS

— Leeds United (@LUFC) July 13, 2022

It’s the perfect example of knowing a club’s identity and sticking to it.

7 – Southampton

It’s a rare occasion of a club trying something different with their kits in a season and it actually working!

Some may not like what they have done with their home jersey but (aside from an awkwardly placed/sized sponsor) it’s a pretty solid effort overall.

Designed to turn heads 👀 pic.twitter.com/898EVTlPO2

— Southampton FC (@SouthamptonFC) June 29, 2022

Then there’s this wild and wavy away ensemble that is another big winner.

Ready to make waves 👀 pic.twitter.com/olo9tkqAFO

— Southampton FC (@SouthamptonFC) July 4, 2022

Not bad for a club that has been accused of being boring on occasion in the past.

6 – Liverpool

Maybe it’s a bit bland and boring, but this is far and away Nike’s best effort for the Reds.

After all, it’s a red kit with no fuss or unnecessary extra decoration, just the way it should be.

Enjoy our gallery as the Reds posed in front of the cameras in our new 2022-23 @nikefootball home kit 📸😍

— Liverpool FC (@LFC) May 12, 2022

Where they have been a bit creative is this away shirt that admittedly on first glance caused a double take.

An incredible reception for @Darwinn99 on his debut! #LFCPreSeason pic.twitter.com/bgGNmPiYKV

— Liverpool FC (@LFC) July 12, 2022

But having seen it up close on a hangar, it looks a lot better in person and has definitely grown on me.

5 – Brentford

Had Brentford repeated their design choice with their home shirt across all three kits they would have been the unquestioned number one.

𝘼 𝙎𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙤𝙣 𝙞𝙣 𝙋𝙞𝙘𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙚𝙨

The best of May through the lens

➡️ https://t.co/CV6RbNZbz7#BrentfordFC pic.twitter.com/V6y78RLR0V

— Brentford FC (@BrentfordFC) June 9, 2022

If it looks familiar, it’s because it is.

It’s the same kit they wore last season with the club opting to use it again in the current campaign rather than asking fans to shell out for another new shirt.

And they should have done the same with their away jersey because this one is a big downgrade on last season.

Get to Know @Ben6Mee

From captaining Manchester City to Youth Cup glory, to over a decade of experience at Burnley. Find out more about our latest recruit

Read ➡️ https://t.co/499Rf0HJYy#BrentfordFC pic.twitter.com/oNXDcjqCIC

— Brentford FC (@BrentfordFC) July 24, 2022

But still, it’s a commendable effort overall.

4 – Aston Villa

At this point in the list we really are splitting hairs because there is not a lot between our top four.

Starting off with the only time Villa will appear in the top four of any Premier League list.

Unlike West Ham, they have stuck with the simple claret and blue design and the subtle chevrons just make this one of the best home jerseys you will find.

Bouba. 🔥 pic.twitter.com/wVskrABz7X

— Aston Villa (@AVFCOfficial) July 8, 2022

There’s not a lot to dislike about this away jersey either with a blue and claret colour scheme.

AY18. 💪 @youngy18 pic.twitter.com/LioUiu3Jlw

— Aston Villa (@AVFCOfficial) July 25, 2022

But when you look at it up close, you are left wondering if the claret could have been a different colour that blends better.

3 – Manchester United

While Manchester United are ushering a new era under Erik ten Haag, they will be hoping this Adidas retro-inspired effort will bring back the glory days at Old Trafford.

📌 On site at the Theatre of Dreams.#MUFC || @adidasFootball

— Manchester United (@ManUtd) July 9, 2022

It won’t make a lick of difference if they are still relying on Harry Maguire at the back however, but at least he will look sharp as opposing strikers are running by him muttering “£80m? How?”

When they are away from Old Trafford they will look equally sharp in this effort which debuted on their preseason tour of Australia.

💡 Up in lights.

It’s time to put our 2022/23 @adidasFootball away shirt under the microscope 🔬#MUFC pic.twitter.com/OUcGLcdNKG

— Manchester United (@ManUtd) July 16, 2022

Maybe avoid getting “Ronaldo – 7” printed on the back for the time being however.

2 – Manchester City

The Premier League title favourites will have to settle for second place on this list but they have the best home kit of the season with this one.

Retro City 🔵 pic.twitter.com/1XvhbWteIj

— Manchester City (@ManCity) May 19, 2022

Having everything centred on the front of the shirt is a trend that really needs to catch on across more teams.

Then there’s the red and black away kit that follows a colour scheme we have seen many times in the past.

Earn your stripes 🖤❤️ pic.twitter.com/ayqnsL5Mdj

— Manchester City (@ManCity) July 19, 2022

It’s another solid, likable effort but just not enough to reach the top spot.

1 – Arsenal

That top spot goes to the Gunners and before you have a chance to say it, it is the only trophy they will win this season.

While the discussions went down to the wire, they had the edge because they were one of four teams to date to release three jerseys and all three are nothing short of excellent.

It’s tough to fault the home jersey after praising the design in Manchester United colours, not a great moment of creativity from the Adidas team there.

But it shouldn’t detract from another excellent overall offering for Mikel Arteta’s men.

🏠 From our local community to the carpet…

The @adidasfootball x Arsenal 22/23 home shirt is built different 👊

— Arsenal (@Arsenal) May 19, 2022

If not for that one awkwardly placed button it would have shared honours with Man City for the best home kit.

What the Gunners have put forward so far though, is the best away kit in the Premier League with this black number.

Back in black ♣️

Introducing The Arsenal x @adidasfootball 22/23 Away Kit 😎

— Arsenal (@Arsenal) July 18, 2022

The gold logos look good and not out of place (take notes Leicester), we’ll just have to wait and see if the team can avoid another late season fade out.

Then there’s the pink third kit and for some reason, Adidas just has a knack for the pink kits.

Our Arsenal 22/23 third kit has arrived! 🦩

Available now at Arsenal Direct, https://t.co/OblCU7YfdX and selected retailers 👇

— Arsenal (@Arsenal) July 29, 2022

Be honest, there really was only one choice for top spot.

Author: Bobby Gonzales